Honey Eucalyptus


Useful for cough

The eucalyptus honey is one of those characteristic and highly aromatic honeys that do not like at all. Before the "commercial discovery" of unifloral honeys met some difficulties selling; Today is a honey that enjoys a certain success, mainly in the specialized channel of herbalists. At this honey are in fact generally attributed the same beneficial properties of essential oils of the plant from which it is derived and therefore, the honey is recommended for classic anti-cold winter use. The eucalyptus honey that misses commercialization as Unifloral can enter into the composition of mixtures of multi-flower honey, in which lowers the moisture and gives stability to crystallization, without which the overall flavor being affected too negatively, if the percentage of use it remains less than 1/3 and the other components of the mixture are sufficiently aromatic. The description given refers primarily to honey Eucalypttus camaldulensis, species mainly summer flowering (July).

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