Trappeto Lemons


A concentrate
of well-being

In the municipality of Trappeto, on a hilly terrain overlooking the sea in the Gulf of Castellammare, are born our lemons.
The advantage of the warm sunshine in all seasons of the year and the proximity to the sea, creating the ideal conditions in order to create a natural product with organoleptic eccellenticaratteristiche.

The Trappeto lemon "Femminello white Zagara" is a genuine citrus. Being Citrus has the highest content of vitamin C and citric acid, essential to the proper functioning of our body, the Femminello lemon can boast many beneficial properties. Cool, refreshing and detoxifying, is particularly recommended for proper nutrition and for the treatment of many diseases, as well as being highly regarded for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. In addition, the Syracuse Lemon is starring in a clinical study to demonstrate the effectiveness of its juice in the prevention of kidney stones.

Terms and conditions
1 box of lemons to 10Kg. EUR 25,00 + shipping
- Timeline for shipping Delivery within 15 working days of purchase
- The weight of the indicated fruit is to be understood net
- Shipments throughout Italy

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