The "Pumadamuri"


Varied food use and ideal for many simple ricetteI "Pumadamuri"

The dried tomato in oil has a great versatility in the kitchen, it refers to a ritual from the ancient taste, a simple process but it requires time and care. We hand pick strictly, we cut it in half and adagiamo of the sun networks. For some days it is constantly turned and checked. When ready it is sterilized in hot water with a hint of vinegar. Dried again in the sun is then ready to be built with extra virgin olive oil "Tenuta La Nocellara".

You use a food varied and ideal for many simple recipes. Delightful accompaniment of a good fragrant bread, tasty enough to embellish a spaghetti and amazing dressing pizza and focaccia. The production time of dry tomato is between June and July. Our "Pumadamuri" is made thinking of you and your health: we do not add any preservatives, coloring agents or additives in any of our products.

We check that all stages of the manufacturing process are clean to ensure maximum safety and wholesomeness of our food.

"Strica e Mancha"
Being primarily lovers of good food, the encounter of our dried tomatoes and toasted almonds, we designed this pesto in extra virgin olive oil. Ideal for a bruschetta appetizer or by adding fresh basil for a paste by intoxicating flavors.

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